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MAB v2 Plus contains the same airbag devices as the MAB v3 model. it is powered with Fast Lock technology detection system with analogic accelerometer. The difference between MAB v3 and MAB v2 Plus is only in the textile part. The style of MAB v2 Plus is made in 2020 and it is made in Cordura 500, while MAB V3 is in high tenacity polyester. The internal harness of the MAB v2 Plus has 4 points (suspenders + belt) instead of 2 as MAB v3. MAB v2 Plus is available in Black color with fluorescent inserts

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    • 2 airbag systems
      Rear airbag for full-width back, sacral and cervical protection. MAB v2Plus is certified AIRBAG EN1621/4 FB Level 2. Residual force after impact test 1,4 kN (Limit Level 1 AIRBAG= 4.5 kN; Limit Level 2 AIRBAG = 2,5kN)
      Front airbag for chest, neck and abdomen protection. AIRBAG Certified EN1621/4 DC Level 2 Residual force after impact test 0,8 kN (Limit Level 1 AIRBAG= 4.5 kN; Limit Level 2 AIRBAG = 2,5kN
      Fast Lock technology to manage accident recognition in a complete and reliable way
      80 millisecond inflation time for both airbag systems to inflate
      Total volume 25 liters (15 liters rear airbag and 10 liters front airbag)
      Airbag system weight: 800 g rear airbag – 600 g front airbag. Total weight 2.1kg
      Reusable: once MAB v2Plus is activated, it can be recharged by the user in a few minutes, using the recharge kit, after a simple check described in the manual
      Equipped with two external pockets to be used as a document holder
      Made of high tenacity Cordura 500 with perforated structure
      The internal part is made of 3D material which allows air to pass through the cavities
      There are reflective inserts to increase the degree of visibility of the gilet
      Laterally there are hinged adjustments that allow the passage from one size to another,
      Also on the side there are further tape adjustments in case MAB v2Plus is used in summer over a light jacket or in winter over a triple layer jacket
      Inside there is a waist belt and shoulder straps to adjust and connect to keep the MAB v2Plus always in the correct position, both when driving and in case of activation
      On the sides and shoulders there are elastic inserts which expand in the event of activation both to allow the two airbag systems to expand correctly and to ensure that the rider is not oppressed by the airbag system: with the airbag inflated it is still possible to continue ride, get off or off the bike, turn your head to look around, breathe normally
      The two airbag systems are equipped with valves for automatic inflation: the protective state of MAB v2Plus lasts about 30 seconds and then deflates completely within a few minutes
      Fast Lock is connected to the synchronization system which allows the airbag to be activated closer to the impact situation. For example, in a frontal impact, the front airbag is activated early and the rear one is activated after a few thousandths. For rear-end collisions, first the rear airbag and then

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2XL/3XL, L/XL, S/M

Package content

Certification document as AIRBAG for MOTORCYCLISTS EN 1621/4

Certificate of conformity

Use and maintenance manual

Strap to pass around the saddle to create the Fast Lock attachment point (alternatively see saddle strap —-link—-)

Reminder sticker

Identity card with the MAB registration number to be registered on the site. Registration is always free, it allows access to the direct assistance service with the Company and the memo service for periodic review is offered (always free of charge) (every 4 years).


The measurement refers to the circumference of the chest without a motorcycle jacket.

  • T1 = S/M for body size 44/50 (88-102cm circumference)
  • T2 = L/XL for body size 52/58 (102-118cm circumference)
  • T3= 2XL/3XL for body size 60/66 (118-132cm circumference)
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