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Accident Detection Graph

The classic activation cable of MOTOAIRBAG® is replaced by the FAST LOCK like a winder that the cable taut, but free to move, , like a car’s safety belt reel. In case of accident, the FAST LOCK immediately locks the the cable and activates the airbag. It is equipped with analogue accelerometer with Eulerian Instability feature (MOTOAIRBAG® patent)

It detects the accident from 360° in less than 5 milliseconds

In stand-by position, FAST LOCK completely rewinds the cable completely avoiding tangling.


In each crash test it was found that FAST LOCK recognizes the emergency situation as soon as the user moves on the saddle for less than 3 cm, only during the impact condition. Were performed:

- Crash Test for the setting of the analogue accelerometer

- Test Ride in urban, extra urban and off-road environments to guarantee complete freedom of movement.

The graph highlights the types of accident recognized by FAST LOCK (360 ° in less than 5 milliseconds)



Simple systems are the most reliable. This is a golden rule in the design of security systems.

(KIS= Keep It Simple)

Mechanical technology is today the most advanced and used technology for design very reliable devices. (seat belts, braking systems, fire-extinguisher systems, release mechanisms (weapons), emergency exits, naval aviation safety closures, aerospace)



  • is a mechanical activation safety system

  • it is always "active" and requires no ordinary maintenance (no batteries)

  • it is simple to use




Although instantaneous, an accident is actually a sequence of instants measurable in milliseconds.


DEKRA (Germany) declares that the first impact of the motorcyclist occurs on average after 150 milliseconds.


  • 5 milliseconds: Fast Lock detects the accident situation.

  • 80/85 milliseconds: MOTOAIRBAG® reach the protective pressure inside the airbag.

  • Protective pressure is maintained for more than 30 seconds, then it deflates gradually



The effective airbag must have a high volume to absorb most of the impact energy and transmit as little as possible to the body. During the crash test, the amount of force that the protector passes and discharges on the body is measured.

Impact test description:

A steel anvil (as a kerbstone) hits the protector with 50 J of energy. A force sensor is positioned below and it measures how much force, expressed in kN, has passed through the protector.

A low registered force indicates high protective performance

Test di impatto MAB

This concept is showed in the following graph. Certified EN1621/4:2013 airbag systems protects more than EN1621/2:2015 Certified rigid protectors.

Impact results for MOTOAIRBAG® rear and front airbag systems:

valore MAB
Valore MAB


Several real CRASH TEST were conducted on MOTOAIRBAG® using scientific Hybrid dummies. Tests confirmed that MOTOAIRBAG® reacts in every impact situations. impact configurations in compliance with ISO13232.



Ride test never end for MOTOAIRBAG®. Several professional pilots and testers constantly use MOTOAIRBAG® for urban use and in extreme condition for prolonged periods.

The aim is to verify the comfort of use, friendly use, in various climatic conditions, the ease of use and the reliability of the airbag system.

MOTOAIRBAG® currently has passed a total of 2,000,000 km of tests in all environments.

Test Ride MAb

2.000.000 km OF TESTS


MAB Registration




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